About Us
Regis Prado Maltese provides a unique, intimate breeding program specializing in the
Maltese breed.  We are a hobby breeder and raise our Maltese family at our home,
investing significant time, energy and emotions into caring for our puppies.  

Our main focus is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to raise healthy puppies
all the while meeting AKC standards.

The babies do not leave our home before 14-16 weeks.
This will help ensure proper socialization skills, improved temperament and basic
training. During this time, please know that all puppies will be de-wormed, receive 3
vaccines according to their age, DNA testing for genetic diseases associated with the
breed and will include a health certificate provided by our local veterinarian. We strive
to make the perfect match.

Our kids depend on us to find them their best parents.
The application screening process includes an open dialogue specific to the Maltese
breed. We believe that it is absolutely important to have some length of knowledge and
experience with the breed.

We are available to answer any questions or to offer suggestions so that you can make
an informative decision as you chose the perfect pet for your family.                             

Maltese owners become loyal fanatics
Breeding and showing has always been in our genes from generation to generation. My
partner’s  father William Clapsaddle ,Sr. was a handler as a hobby for John Lafore in
the 50s’  who at that time  was a senator for Pennsylvania. Senator Lafore also
became President of The American Kennel Club from 1971-1979 .
My partners Father William Clapsaddle  
used to show Keeshond for the senator  of
Pennsylvania John LaFore  ... in the 50-.60’  
who also became vice presidente of AKC
between 1968-1971...
Regis Prado Maltese
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